Pink Slips

Is your car due for Rego (Pink Slip) Inspection?  Are you looking for someone to manually and comprehensively inspect and test the vehicle before buying it? Have you contacted Camperdown Collision Centre via (02) 9565 5408?

While it is pretty common to meet an unregistered car in our roads, driving such a vehicle is highly prohibited by law. The underlying catastrophic risks range from the fact that it is, firstly, uninspected and granted to operate and can kill to working without an insurance cover. And, aside from the many risks, fines that accompany such acts are way too hefty compared to the subtle procedures; Pink Slip Services.

Safety Inspections

Camperdown Collision Centre is known for inspections along with the issuance of all relevant documents; Pink Slips. We are an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) and hence mandated to ensure that your car hits the road as the law’s fully compliant. Check out our list of services below.

3459388755edd1775ee80f329f00566e75b84f0de2b7e85cbcpimgpsh_fullsize_distrSince we are an officially known and authorized Inspection Stations, we will help you register or renew your rego either online or by phone, hassle-free. After performing the requisite check-ups, we will send the Pink Slips quickly and electronically to RTA so that you leave our premises with a fully registered automobile.

Comprehensive Car Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

When you are planning to purchase a car, one of an essential steps meant at ascertaining if indeed it is working well is getting it checked by a reputable inspector. At Camperdown Collision Centre, we have a skilled team of experts who have the extended knowledge about all different types of vehicles. we can help do a full vehicle inspection to help guide you if the vehicle is roadworthy or a good purchase for your use.

Back on the Track

Perhaps, you understand that any car that’s three years or more must be inspected before its registration is renewed. At Camperdown Collision Centre, our Pink Slip Inspection services are thoroughly done so that your car gets to the road with no hitch. We will do that and help you register it with ease.

When you get the notice advising you about the impending procedure, give us a call via (02) 9565 5408.