Car Insurance Repairs

Camperdown Collision Center works with some of the reputable insurance companies across Australia to ensure a fast, reliable service for our customers. We understand that an accident comes with a lot of stress what with the many inconveniences you experience due to lack of car. For this reason, we undertake not only to repair and restore your vehicle, but also to help with your car insurance thus giving you peace of mind.

A Must Have Protection

When it comes to protecting your car, investing in car insurance is a must. This helps protect you from getting into financial and legal problems on all kinds of incidents that may befall your car. It’s however unfortunate that many car insurance companies don’t allow customers choose who gets to repair their vehicles. There is therefore a chance that you don’t get to choose your repair company if you work with an unreliable insurer. Many people discover this after their cars have been involved in an accident.

An Investment and An Asset

For many people, a car is both an investment and asset that should be taken care of well. This means that when involved in an accident, they know where to take their vehicles for smash repairs. And while some insurance companies will allow you to choose the repairer, they end up excluding you from the repair process. They will also dictate the price of the repair, as well as how and when it’s repaired. The insurance company may simply require you to tow the damaged vehicle to the assessment center and after that it handles everything. In other words, with unreliable insurance companies, you hardly have any control over the restoration process of your car. Reliable insurance companies allow you to choose the repairer of your car. In addition, these companies are prepared to go the extra mile and negotiate a fair price for the work to be done.Why us for car insurance repairs

Friendly Staff

We have a reliable team of customer care agents who are always ready to answer your enquiries in regard to car insurance and smash repairs. Our top priority is to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. Just get in touch with Camperdown Collision Center if you need any information relating to car insurance services or smash repairs.

Quality Services

Camperdown Collision Center is the perfect solution for those looking high quality smash repair that doesn’t break the bank. In addition to quality car insurance services, we also provide quality panel beating, restoration and spray painting services.More than just insurance service: We don’t charge additional costs for on-site service and you can therefore call us in the event of car trouble or an accident and we will come to the scene, arrange for repairs as well as transportation. We will also help you with the insurance claim process.

We deal with insurance companies to ensure that repair and/or restoration process is fast and reliable.

Get in Touch

Be sure to pick the phone and give us a call when our car is in an accident or need help of any kind. You can also request for a free quote via phone, email or our online ‘Request Quote’ form.


  • Camperdown Collision Center works with some of the reputable insurance companies across Australia to ensure a fast, reliable service for our customers.